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The Hang On to Jesus! Adventures and The Great Rescue are more than Christian children’s books. They’re more than retelling of traditional Bible stories. Our goal with these series is to bring the great doctrines of the Christian faith to life in a fun, creative, and engaging way.

For more than eight years, pastors, children, and Christian brothers and sisters gifted in teaching, writing, understanding doctrinal truths, editing, illustrating, and graphic design have been working tirelessly on this project. We are thrilled to now offer the award-winning series Hang On to Jesus! Adventures and our NEW series for older children, The Great Rescue.

Our mission is to welcome children to Jesus Christ, equip them with the core truths of their Christian faith, and prepare them to go out into the world to serve in His name. So join us. Experience these two incredible series that will capture your child’s attention and imagination as they inspire both you and your child to Hang On to Jesus!

Rick Tancreto

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Includes a signed note by the author.
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Includes a signed note by the author.
Autograph to Child's Name

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"As a pastor, I have already seen these books used mightily in the lives of children and parents within their first year of their publication.  I feel certain they will be an important factor in the faith development of countless children for years to come."
– Pastor L. Hays

"The Hang On to Jesus! Adventures, by Rick Tancreto are fantastic! My daughter wants to read them every day, even after reading through all 11 books several times already. They bring up many important discussions and answer many questions in an easily understood way. I love that they quote Bible verses to back up the truths being taught. I highly recommend all 11 of these books from Little Saints Press."
– Kristi S.