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Great Rescue Chapter Books

Volume 1: The Journey Into EternityThe Journey Into Eternity

This 294 page volume contains 4 books of Rick and Dee learning how God created everything from nothing. 
Book 1: We're Going to Heaven!
Book 2: Amazing God!
Book 3: Child of God
Book 4: Jesus Loves me!

Volume 2: The Place of No ReturnThe Place of No Return

This 167 page volume contains 3 books of Rick and Dee learning how God's rescue plan can save them from certain death. 
Book 1: Jesus to My Rescue!
Book 2: God Lives In Me
Book 3: More Like Jesus

Volume 3: The Beginning of the EndThe beginning of the End

This 196 page volume contains 4 books of Rick and Dee learning about the Beginning and the End – when God destroys the world and where their new home will be.
Book 1: God's Team
Book 2: I'm God's Warrior
Book 3: Jesus Is
Coming Back!
Book 4: A Letter from God

Come Follow Me Movie On DVDHang On to Jesus DVD

Jesus said, "Come Follow Me" and a man named Peter listened and responded. Yet Peter struggled, failing again and again. Walk with Peter on his journey from pride to humility, guilt to forgiveness, and doubt to faith. You are invited to hear Jesus' saving message for all to "Come Follow Me."


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