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About the 11 Picture Books

The Hang On to Jesus! Adventures series brings Bible truths to life for young readers. The complete 11 book set introduces children to the basic doctrines of the Christian Faith – applying the same teaching methods used by many seminary schools. Each book will captivate the reader's attention as they journey with Rick and Dee Dee, a brother and sister, on wondrous adventures to discover God's rescue plan for them – with Jesus as their guide!

Hang On to Jesus Volume 1Volume 1: We’re Going to Heaven!

Ricky and Dee Dee journey with Jesus to heaven and discover the wondrous home He is preparing for us.

Child of GodVolume 2: Amazing God!

God’s nature is revealed to Dee Dee and Ricky when Jesus takes them on an amazing adventure that begins before time began.

Child of GodVolume 3: Child of God

Ricky and Dee Dee learn who are the children of God the Father and how each of us can be brought into His family.

Jesus to My RescueVolume 4: Jesus Loves Me!

Dee Dee and Ricky journey with Jesus as He carries out the initial part of God the Father’s rescue plan that makes it possible for us to be adopted as God’s children.

Child of GodVolume 5: Jesus to My Rescue!

Ricky and Dee Dee travel with Jesus as He accomplishes the most demanding part of God the Father’s rescue plan.

Hang On to Jesus Book 6Volume 6: God Lives In Me

Dee Dee and Ricky discover that God the Father’s rescue plan is not finished until the Holy Spirit lives within us.

Child of GodVolume 7: More Like Jesus

With Ricky and Dee Dee rescued and adopted into God’s family, they learn they’ve been given the power to live a special life..

Child of GodVolume 8: God's Team

As new members of God’s team, Dee Dee and Ricky embark on an adventure to find more children to join His team.

Hang On to Jesus Book 9Volume 9: I'm God's Warrior

Equipped with God’s mighty power, Ricky and Dee Dee set out to fight evil.

Jesus Is Coming BackVolume 10: Jesus Is Coming Back!

Ricky and Dee Dee join Jesus on an adventure to see the new heaven and the new earth that God has planned for us.

Jesus Is Coming BackVolume 11: A Letter From God

Jesus takes Dee Dee and Ricky on a journey to see how the central figures of the Bible took part in God the Father’s rescue plan.

Come Follow Me Movie On DVDCome Follow Me DVD

Jesus said, "Come Follow Me" and a man named Peter listened and responded. Yet Peter struggled, failing again and again. Walk with Peter on his journey from pride to humility, guilt to forgiveness, and doubt to faith. You are invited to hear Jesus' saving message for all to "Come Follow Me."

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