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"Hang On to Jesus! Adventures is a super children's book series. It gives children a sense of knowing Jesus personally and trusting him as their friend and Savior. It teaches the foundations of Christian theology in an understandable format for children. It opens a conversation between parent and child as these basic concepts are explored together."

Sarah Patterson, Administrator Emeritus
The King's Christiam Academy

"In my many years of research and development of character education materials, I have been concerned by the lack of spiritual understanding that young children have of our basic Christian beliefs. Hang On to Jesus! Adventures comes to the rescue and addresses these concerns beautifully. Christian parents and educators everywhere will applaud this work and the spiritual understanding of children will be enriched now and for the years ahead."

Norma Swanson., President
Window to the World, Inc.

"As a parent and pastor, I have often searched for ways to teach theology to both my own children and the children of my church. The books in the Hang On to Jesus! Adventures series are the perfect teaching tool for children. They teach complex doctrines in an engaging way that children understand.
Your children, grandchildren or any children that are in your care will benefit from these books. I whole-heartedly recommend them."

Dr. Steve Fehrman
Senior Pastor Southern Calvert Baptist Church, Lusby, MD 

"Rick Tancreto brings Jesus to life for young children. The Hang On to Jesus! Adventures series is based on Scripture. Beautifully illustrated, the books are also age appropriate."

Gloria Sauter, Director of Religious Education, Ret.
St. Louis Parish, Clarksville, MD

"Having worked with author Rick Tancreto in the editing process, I greatly appreciate his commitment to convey biblical doctrine to children with clarity, consistency and character. These books anticipate thoughtful questions while displaying a child's innocent awe and joy for the living God. Care was taken to distinguish the integrity of biblical inspiration from Jesus' interaction with the characters. This series is an excellent tool to disciple families in general and children in particular."

Pastor Dave Kelly
First Baptist Church, Wellston, Ohio

"The Hang On to Jesus! Adventures series is definitely not your average "Children's Bible Stories" book. This series offers children a chance to learn the great doctrines of the Christian faith in a down-to-earth, on their level, way. I would highly recommend it to parents, teachers, or anyone else that cares about teaching children the truth about God's Word!"

William A. Walsh, Discipleship Pastor
Chesapeake Church Huntingtown, MD

"The Hang On to Jesus! Adventures books are biblical in content, accessible to children, and engagingly illustrated. The goal of leading children toward an understanding of the basics of the Christian faith is well achieved."
Rev. Dr. Edd Cathey
Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church California, MD

"Thank you for the book today. My daughter, Kennadi, really enjoyed reading it to her little brother and myself. I am looking forward to ordering the series for her soon. Thank you again!" 

R. Jillian

"I just finished reading We're Going to Heaven! Wow ... beautifully written and illustrated! I believe kids of all ages will enjoy reading and sharing each of the Hang On to Jesus! Adventures. I can't wait to access the teaching tools to see how everything will come together in sharing the Word. Thank you for producing such a beautiful set of books."

Nancy S.
Lusby, MD

"Hang On to Jesus! Adventures is entertaining, educational, and delightful. Children will find answers to their questions about God as they follow the storybook children on adventure. With clever writing and beautiful pictures, Hang On to Jesus! Adventures is sure to become a favorite to read over and over."

Diana P.
Author of Tin Orange Peel

"Wow! My kids absolutely love these books! After reading the first one, my oldest begged me to let him take it to bed with him so he could read it again. My kids have really connected with the characters in the story, and the books have a great way of explaining things at their level. Just fantastic!"

Ken S.
California, MD